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Diary of an Invisalign patient

When Justin Towell came to see us here at Graham Gardner Orthodontics in 2015 with crooked and crowded teeth, we recommended Invisalign. This method of orthodontic treatment moves teeth into position using virtually invisible aligners. Little did we know, Justin would share his treatment journey online for viewers around the world to see.


Over 18 months, Justin experienced the remarkable results of Invisalign. This is his story.

"I'd had wonky teeth since I was about 8-years-old. When my adult teeth came through there wasn't any room for the second incisors to come down, so they grew over the top. It didn't bother me at all, but people would stare at them while they spoke to me. Some would even comment on them, both in person and as comments under videos I'd made online. Some of the comments were incredibly hurtful. I had also bumped a girl's lip when I kissed her, which was obviously very embarrassing! The last straw was when I tried to film a music video and could not find a single shot for the lip-syncing where my teeth looked OK, even to me. Maybe these people had a point, I thought? So, I came to see Graham Gardner Orthodontics and I must say I'm very pleased I did. Graham helped me magnificently!" Justin Towell

Thanks for sharing your story Justin. We're glad you enjoyed your treatment experience with us here at Graham Gardner Orthodontics.

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