Orthodontic treatment for adults

Invest in a new smile 

At Graham Gardner Orthodontics, we believe healthy teeth and a beautiful smile should be available to everyone. Not only do they boost a person’s self-confidence, but good oral health can prevent a number of other problems occurring. We encourage all our adult patients to invest in themselves and embark on an orthodontic treatment journey that can lead them to the smile they’ve always wanted. 

Discreet treatment options

As an adult needing orthodontic treatment, we understand you don’t want uncomfortable and unsightly braces. That’s why, at Graham Gardner Orthodontics, we offer invisible treatment options. These allow you to gain the healthy, happy smile you’ve always wanted without anyone knowing. 

  • Adult orthodontic treatment
  • Adult orthodontic treatment
  • Adult orthodontic treatment

Making treatment affordable

Worried about the cost of treatment? You don’t need to be. We offer tailored payment plans which can help make your treatment more affordable. These finance options will be outlined during your initial consultation to enable you to make an informed decision about whether to pursue treatment. 

Free consultations

We offer free initial consultations, so why wait? Book a free no-obligation consultation to learn more about our orthodontic treatments and your eligibility. 

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