Orthodontic treatment for children

Give your child’s teeth the best start possible 

With early detection you can improve your child’s teeth and alignment, preventing the need for your child to have major orthodontic treatment further down the line. 

Importance of early treatment

Early orthodontic intervention is important. The reason being is that bones are still growing at the age of six or seven. This allows us to evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs, if any, and plan for whatever treatment may be required either now or in the future. With teeth still developing and the jaw growing, certain conditions may be easier to address. 

  • Early orthodontic treatment
  • Early orthodontic treatment
  • Early orthodontic treatment

What are the benefits of early treatment?

Limit future treatment needs: One of the greatest benefits of an early orthodontic consultation is that if orthodontic problems are addressed early, braces might not be needed in the long term. This could save you both time and money. 

More effective treatment: Treatment is often much more effective at an earlier age because children’s teeth are still developing. This helps to make treatment easier, faster and less expensive. 

Establish a relationship: Bringing your child in for an early consultation will help them get used to the clinic environment. This will also help them to feel more comfortable and confident when treatment begins. 

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